Peter Edlmayer

Shortly About Me

Back in the seventies, I was born and raised in Vienna, Austria.
At the age of thirteen I moved to Frankfurt, Germany where I lived for a little while.


  • Poster ShopIf you are interested in some of my pictures, just visit my Shop.
  • Vedo ArtVisit fine Art Acryl paintings by Verena Dostalek.
  • MonkeyshirtCool T-Shirts, Jackets, Basecaps and more designed by Peter Edlmayer.

What’s New


Website update
I have launched some new updates at my website, hope you enjoy.


Portfolio update
Added the new Photoshop Art gallery to my portfolio.

My Philosophy

Quídquid agís, prudénter agás et réspice fínem!

Whatever you do, do it prudently
and consider the end!
I have learned to enjoy every moment in my life, because it could be anytime the last one.

Do not sit the whole day in front of your computer or your Television. Take a hike, breath some fresh air, meet some friends. You getting older each day, honestly, and nobody knows how long you can really enjoy your life.

Whats next


Zazzle store
I will add a lot of new items and some brandnew designs at my Zazzle store.


At the last months I have created some unique handmade jewelery and I like to offer it to you at my own jewelery store.